The work I did last year was special to me because I decided to do work with ash I got from burning the pruning I did on my allotment. My wife mixed the glaze and this is what we got. The Ash Glaze is a high firing glaze which puts stress on your kiln. I also decided to do hand building and integrated the coils into the design of the pot. I made them and they also meant that the work was frost proof and would survive the cold winters in the north of England. we did not add any elements to the glaze but relied on the element which came from the ash I got. If you like this work it is something you can get made for you but I have a need to reduce the amount of work I can keep. The price of this work really reflects the income needed to do this kind of work. Call me if you want discuss what you might like on 07713244567 Alastair

These pieces would cost £30.00 each